Thursday, 11 May 2017

Fixin' up the Mausoleum of Augustus

It seems that on 2019 the Mausoleum of Augustus, one of the most important and neglected spots of Rome, is going to open in all its renewed glory.
It was on the news a few days ago, so I profitted to take a look around and take some pictures!

The work was founded by Fondazione TIM, and it costed around 6 milions euros. Besides the Mausoleum, both the square and the area around it are going to feature a revamping. The project belongs to Francesco Cellini, his work selected on 2006, an implicit homage to Richard Meier, the architect who designed the close-by museum area of the Ara Pacis.
On this page you can check out pictures of the whole thing, and here there is even a video with the updates about the works!

I was expecially delighted by the walls around the site, decorated with all kind of informations about the Mausoleum, its history and its protagonists!

Readng through it has been quite fun and informative, it's both in Italian and English, so even tourists can enjoy it.

Of course some bits of the Mausoleum are visible through some spots on the wall.
Here are a few pictures:

While waiting for 2019, you can check out the official website to keep yourself busy!

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